Saraiki Dialect or Sarieki Dialect, is cluster of dialects of the Saraiki language.[1] spoken in Cneter of pakistan & South of Pakistani Punjab, North Sindh,South Khyber Paktunkhwa and North east Baluchistan . Saraiki(سرائیکی ) has been variably called by different names such as Saraiki, Baluchki, Partake, Jagdali, Riasti, Bahawalpuri, Derewali, Multani, Western Punjabi, Lanhda, Uchi, Thallochi, Shahpuri and Hindko in past by neighboring people but thanks to the recent cultural awareness the name 'Seraiki' given by the Sindhi brothers, has been accepted and established universally beyond all doubts. In fact Seraiki language is spoken in substantially large area and the names given above are its different accents.

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Differences in Saraiki, and other Major Saraiki Dialect

English Saraiki or Standard .

(PakistanPakistan and India)


(Southern parts of Punjab Province)

What, This Kia, Aey Kia, Aey
How much, This much, That much Kitna, Itna, Utna Kitna, Itnna, Utnna
My, Your, His, Our, Yours, Their, Of MayDa, TayDa, Ounda, Saada, Tuhada, Onheenda, Da Mayda, Tayda, ounda or Usda, Asaada, Tusada, Unheenda, Da
Me, To you , Him, To it, Us, To you, Them, To Maykoo, Taykoo, Onkoo, Asakoo, Saakoo, Tu'haakoo, Onhaakkoo, koo Maykoo, Taykoo, Unkkoo, Auskkoo, asaakoo, Tusaaknoo, Unheekkoo, koo
I am, You are, He is, We are, You are, They are (going) Mae haan, Tu hayn, Oo hay, Assaan haan, Tussaan hO or heavey,Oo hin (Ve aynada/day (plu) ) Mae haan, Tu hayn, Oo hay, Assaan haan, Tussaan ho or heavey,Oo hin (Ve aynada/ay (plu) pya/ay )
I was, You were, He was, We were, You were, They were Mae haam, Tu'aahayn, Oo haa, Assaan hasaay,Tu'ssaan haavay, Oo hin Mae haam, Tu'aahayn, Oo haa, Assaan hssay,Tu'ssaan havay, Oo hin
I shall take, You will take, He will take, We shall take, You will take, They will take Mae lae aanga, Tu lae aynga, O lae ayga, Assee lae aangay, Tussi lae aaogay, O lae aangay Mae ghin aysaan, Tu ghin aysayn, Oo ghin aysi, Assaan ghin aysaan, Tussaan ghin ayso, Oo ghin aysn
Go, Come, Happen, Take away, See Vnj,Aourty Aaa Or Aaa, Thii, Ghinivnj, Dekh Vnj,Aourty Aaa or Aaa, Thi, Ghinivnj, Dekh
Boy, Girl , Wife,Women, Man,Old Ningar, Ningir,Zaal or Ghaar wali,Tarmeet or Znaani,Aadmi or Ban'da,BuDhra Ningar, Ningir,Ghar wali Or Zaal, Tarmeet or Zannani,Admi or Ban'da,BuDhra
From, A lot Toon, Bhot Toon, Bhot
One, Two, Nine, Ten Hekk, Doo, Naou, Daah Hikk, Doo, Naou, Daah

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