Sarah-louise Whiteside (born in 1997) is known for fighting to reach her dreams. She has a fantastic voice hardly shown to anyone she doesn't show. She's just waiting to be found. Her mother Jenny Whiteside said 'I just love it being able to hear her voice while I'm cleaning the house. Her voice is special, she's special.' She has her future decided and laid out to plan but sadly this won't include her singing. She is planning to do midwifery as she likes the thought of helping deliver a small new life into the big world. Her dad paul Whiteside says ' my daughter is very wise and sees things for what they are or sometimes more.' Lesleyann her older sister says ' she's such a help in hand to everyone, she's there for everyone, whether its a old person needing help down the stairs or her friends or the bigger stuff that people feel they have no one to tell. I am so proud of my little inspirational sister sarahlou.'

Sarah-Louise will become successful in life but is this the right choice, Throwing her talent a side to go for something completely different but that's always been in her heart?

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