Sara Niemietz /ˌsɛrˈɑː nɪmˈɪts/ (Sara Anne Niemietz) is an American singer/songwriter and actress based in Los Angeles.[1]

Early life and education

Born in Chicago, Niemietz currently resides in Los Angeles. She graduated in 2010, having been active in the Theatre Department at Saugus High School. In addition to cultivating her professional career, Niemietz played Luisa in the school's production of The Fantasticks during her senior year.[2][3]

Delivering Chicago and Broadway theatre performances, beginning at age 9, Niemietz continued her career in California with television roles, film roles, soundtrack productions, music CDs and a role in Jason Robert Brown's musical, "13" at the Mark Taper Forum, Sara also maintained an "A" level GPA through High School.

Niemietz first appeared on stage at age 4, when BJ Thomas helped Sara on to the stage. On video, BJ Thomas appears delighted that Sara seems completely at ease with singing his signature song in front of an audience. Thomas can be heard to say, "I can't believe she knows the words!" and later repeats an inaudible comment from the audience, "...she knows all my songs?"[4] The title of the song was, "Hooked on a Feeling"[5]



Sara Niemietz (Left) played the part of Carol Burnett (Right) in Burnett's memoir, the Broadway musical Hollywood Arms.
13 the Musical at the Mark Taper Forum.
Photo: Craig Schwartz

Sara Niemietz' professional stage career began on April 19, 2002, at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, when she played the character of young Carol Burnett (Young Helen) in the pre-Broadway production of Hollywood Arms.[6]

Adapted from Burnett's 1986 memoir "One More Time", Carrie Hamilton (Burnett's daughter) and Carol Burnett co-wrote Hollywood Arms. Niemietz played the younger (1941 era) Helen in the first act, with Donna Lynne Champlin playing (1951 era) Helen in the second act.[7]

Ms. Niemietz was named “Female Vocalist of the Year” National Champion at the NACMAI competition in 2001, and was the “Female Entertainer of the Year” California State Champion at the CCMA competition that same year. She can be seen in March of 2002 as a guest star on the NBC series “Providence,” and in April on the CBS drama “First Monday.”[6]

Ed Vincent , World Premiere of “HOLLYWOOD ARMS,” by Carrie Hamilton and Carol Burnett Directed by Harold Prince , Oak Park Journal

Hollywood Arms made its Broadway debut on September 7, 2002. Cast members included Linda Lavin, Michele Pawk, Donna Lynne Champlin, and Frank Wood under the direction of Hal Prince.[8] Niemietz earned the praise of Talkin' Broadway's, Matthew Murray: "Portraying Helen in her early years, Sara Niemietz is a pint-sized powerhouse, with a winning personality and the booming voice to match."[9]

While in New York, Niemietz also played the lead character in Pamela's First Musical at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; adapted from the children's book, written by Wendy Wasserstein, music was written by Cy Coleman and lyrics provided by David Zippel.[10][11] Pamela's First Musical was a Cy Coleman work in progress in 2003, Pamela's First Musical held its concert world premiere at The Town Hall, with Lila Coogan as Pamela in 2008.[12][13]

In 2007, Niemietz played the role of Patrice in the Los Angeles premiere of the Jason Robert Brown and Dan Elish musical, 13.[14][15] Director Todd Graff described Niemietz as the "rock" of the cast and one of four incumbent actors from the workshop production to earn roles in the premiere.[5] She received strong critical praise for her performance.[15]

The Los Angeles production of 13, with an all teenage cast and band, received a nomination for the 2007 LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards, World Premiere Musical[16]


Sara Niemietz was the credited vocalist for The Exorcism of Emily Rose soundtrack in 2005. Described as a "Fact-based fright film/courtroom drama..." by Alyssa Rashbaum of MTV, The Exorcism of Emily Rose earned $30.2 million and was number one on the box-office top 10.[17] Niemietz worked with film composer Christopher Young on the soundtrack for this Screen Gems production.[1]

In 2008, Sara again worked with Christopher Young on The Uninvited.[1] The Uninvited was nominated for the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller.[18]

Soundtrack appearances include:


Niemietz has performed on six soundtracks and is featured on seven compilation albums. She has three singles, one traditional music video and twenty-one professionally mastered YouTube music videos, seven of these songs were written, or co-written by Niemietz. Niemietz' first album was a live recording at the Cat Club in West Los Angeles and she is currently producing her second EP. Niemietz' performance of "Perfect Kind of Day" would be Burger King's first music promotional audio CD single, released in 2006.[19]


Niemietz's film appearances include the supporting role of Polly in Akeelah and the Bee.[20] The film is an underdog story about African-American middle school girl who is determined learn and is destined for the National Spelling Bee competition in Washington D.C. The movie caused a spike in the national interest for spelling bee competition and the New York Times reported that Akeela and the Bee would become Starbucks first movie promotion:[21]

The first movie promotion at Starbucks will be "Akeelah and the Bee," a film about a spelling bee, produced by Lions Gate and starring Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett, to be released in April. Starbucks will have spelling-related trivia games in its stores and promotions for the movie on its cardboard cup sleeves.[21]

Bloomberg News , Akeelah and the Bee , The New York Times

In 2003, Niemietz played the part of Mona in the short film, Home, which was written and directed by Nancy Deren with Traci Lords and Sierra Farber playing the lead roles.

Television roles
Year Series Character Played Known Episodes
2002 Providence Shania Seacrest Season 4, Episode 16
2002 First Monday Young Ellie Unknown
2005 Gilmore Girls Fiddler Chorus Season 5, Episode 15
2010 Glee Musician (on screen guitarist) Season 2, 8 Episodes[22]

Other television appearances

On September 15, 2002, Sara Niemietz and Donna Lynne Champlin performed the song, "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" before an estimated audience of fifty thousand in Times Square.[23] The eleventh annual, Broadway on Broadway event, was the kickoff for the Broadway theatre season and aired on NBC national television affiliates beginning on September 17, 2002.[24] Champlin commented on the Broadway on Broadway performance in an interview with Talkin' Broadway:[25]

NR [Nancy Rosati]: They’re calling it [Hollywood Arms] a play with music. Are you singing in it?

DLC [Donna Lynne Champlin]: Yes. Did you see “Broadway On Broadway?” The song Sara Niemitz and I sang ("I'm Always Chasing Rainbows") is the number I sing in the second act. Since we share the role (she plays Carol as a child) and we wanted to share the “Broadway On Broadway” experience, we shared the song. That girl has pipes! She’s like the future LeAnn Rimes![25]

Nancy Rosati , Spotlight On Donna Lynne Champlin , Talkin' Broadway

Niemietz and Champlin also performed "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" on ABC's The View in 2002.[26]

On May 4, 2011, Sara Niemietz made a featured artist appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres said, "I found my next guest on YouTube and I wanted to meet her immediately! From Santa Clarita, California, please welcome, so talented, Sara Niemietz."[27]

In July 2011, Niemietz was interviewed on SVCtv's, House Blend, hosted by Stephen K. Peeples. Sara Niemietz and W. G. Snuffy Walden premiered her song, "Dangerous Outside" for the Santa Clarita Valley viewers.[28]

On May 31, 2012, American Public Television releases episode 109 of Front Row Center featuring Richard Marx', A Night Out With Friends. Marx and Niemietz perform the song, "Keep Coming Back".[29] The Front Row Center episode was recorded live at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois.


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