Sandglass,a book wrote by 饶雪漫 is published by Dang Dai Shi Jie。

Brief introduction

This novel is the sixth one of the series of “The pain of the youth” talking about the story about two girls named "Mo Xingxing" and "Mi Sha".

Main theme

The theme of this novel is about the life of the youth that telling us about their dreams, love, friendships and pain. We can see their growth through the attractive content.

The author

饶雪漫,a woman comes from Zigong, Si Chuan. She graduated from Sichuan University of Science & Engineering (SUSE) in 1994. She is a very famous writer who is always writing stories about the life of youth in China.

Characters in novel

namerelationshipbrief introduction
Mo Xingxing single-parent family melancholia, her mother has died for helping a little boy who would be hurt by a truck many years ago.
Mi Sha Xingxing's best friend kind girl.


Mo Xingxing is a tall, beautiful girl with long black hairs. Unfortunately, she had no friend because of she is surfing from melancholia. She is always eating too much or eating nothing for a long time. She can't forget the pain of her mother's death. She was lonely and lived a hard life. When she went to high school, she was very lucky to meet Mi Sha (a very kind girl in her class).Mi Sha comes from a rich family. She loves laughing and making friends. Of course, she is willing to help others. Therefore, she helped Mo Xinging to fight with a bad girl named Jiang Nan. From then on, they became close friends. They got together to study, have meals and have fun. Then, two boys went into their life and you can guess what splendid things will happen in the future...

Some sentences from the novel

I meet her again at this cool and silent night of the mid-summer. In fact, we have been reunited with each other in those rainy or common evenings lots of times. This time, she smiles for me lying on the dark red pool of blood looking just like a rose bush. The heavy snow behind her is falling down at the same time. The snow is the soft goose feathers covering her smiley eyes, her skinny face and her air-dried body and looks as if it will make her disappear.



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