Sand Castles: A Story of Family and Tragedy is a 2013 American independent drama film written by Jordon Hodges and directed by Clenét Verdi-Rose.[1] The film stars Jordon Hodges (Noah Daly) and Anne Winters (Lauren Daly) and explores the interrelated themes of a family, love, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness. When tragedy strikes in this quiet, unassuming town, the devastation left behind shows the shattering effects on its residents, particularly the close-knit Daly family, who will never be the same.[2] Set in poverty in small-town Indiana.[3][4]


In the small-town of Goshen, Indiana, the once close-knit, happy Daly family has crumbled after the kidnapping of five-year-old Lauren. More than a decade later, Lauren is returned to her family, now broken from the effects of her absence. What was once a happy existence (though terribly poor), Lauren now finds her older brother Noah (Jordon Hodges) looking after their alcoholic mother Marie (Saxon Trainor) and their ex-cop, crank-addicted Uncle Tommy (Randy Spence). Lauren's (Anne Winters) unexpected return finds a noble Noah attempting to be the big brother he desperately wants to be, to recreate the bond they shared as children. But Lauren's battle with Stockholm Syndrome leaves a void within her...and this once close-knit family. Even with the help of social worker Alison Paige (Daniella Grace), Lauren's reluctance to speak of her recent past does little to mend relationships with those who truly love her. Ever vigilant, Uncle Tommy takes it upon himself to avenge the wrong done to his family, and makes an oath to destroy those who have destroyed it. What transpires is a climax between Uncle Tommy and his former friend and ex-partner Detective Cloud (Scott Jemison), leaving all involved on an unforgettable collision course. [5]


  • Jordon Hodges as Noah Daly[6]
  • Anne Winters as Lauren Daly
  • Randy Spence as Tommy Daly
  • Saxon Trainor as Marie Daly
  • Daniella Grace as Alison Paige
  • Scott Jemison as Detective Cloud
  • Clint Howard as Todd Carlson
  • Jason Welden as Marcus Jones[7][8]
  • John Newkirk as Jim Daly
  • Joe Cipriano as Young Noah
  • Trinity Joy as Young Lauren
  • Maggie Mae Fish as Sara
  • John D. Carver as Rick
  • Richard Hackel as Virgil Weaver
  • Craig Lemons as Bob
  • Glen Hobgood as Perry
  • Jim Dougherty as Bill
  • Jennifer Wilkens as Brenda
  • Stacey Nickel as Peggy
  • Bill Koruna as Dale
  • Matt Hodges as Pip
  • Don Savoie as Magwich
  • Nyla Lewis as Julie
  • Tevis R. Marcum as Gill
  • Jason Dixie as Dan
  • Debora Mincy as Deb
  • Catherine J. Hood as AA Counselor
  • Mark A. Nash as The Theater Director
  • Farrah Tucker as Nurse Connie
  • Jana Kihn as Waitress Suzy
  • Emerson Johnson as Toddler Noah
  • David McGuire as Officer Kern


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