Sam Thomas Rossiter (01.03.1989) is an exercise Physiologist/Sports massage Therapist from Oxfordshire, England. From a young age Sam was thrown into sports. Following his two brothers, James Rossiter (British Racing Driver, Formula One test driver) and Marc Rossiter (British Wakeboarder), both also professional athletes, Sam also found his passion in extreme sports.

In 2011 Sam moved to the caribbean, to live on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic to develop his training. Sam is a British free-runner and competitive fitness model for Muscle&Fitness magazine. His training career began as a personal trainer in Oxfordshire, England, quickly developing into a 'one man team' for human performance training. In 2011 Sam opened a clinic in Cabarete, D.R, called KiteRite Therapy, operating out of The Extreme Hotel Gym, Kite Beach, D.R. specializing in strength and performance training for some of the world's top Kite Boarders and surfers including Cameron Dietrich, Aaron Hadlow, Alex Soto, Robhila Cuello Hilario and Susi Mai.

In April 2012 Sam was entered in the Joe Weider Mr Olympia contest in the Male Fitness Model category, making it into the final 6 from over 2000 competitors.

Sam currently runs the Gymnasium at Millennium Resort and Spa, Cabarete, D.R. [[1]

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