Early Life- Born-1990 Westlake Village, Ventura, California, USA. Proved enthusiastic about music and the performing arts from an early age. During his final year of high school wrote/directed and starred in the indie film Buffalo Son. After high school he moved to Olympia Washington to attended The Evergreen State College. Studies ranged from theater to ornithology and Native American Studies. During this time he began to work on Kill Art. During his year in Olympia he formed his first band in Olympia (the Dalmatians) with Kyle Gibson (keys), John Voigt (drums), and latter Joe Hein (guitarist. Playing only one show at the infamous Grandmas House in Olympia. The next year the Dalmatians changed music styles and thus the name. Finally settling on Holy Komodo and the feelings, latter shorted to Holy Komodo. Holy Komodo consisted of the former members with the addition of Justin who would later become the resident bassist for Foxygen. Artistic differences between Kyle Gibson and Sam France ultimately tore the bad apart. Latter to reform playing songs for Foxygen´s first tour, with the addition of Timothy Tickle. It was during Sam´s second year Olympia that he struggled through producing the songs for the first official release, Take the kids of Broadway. Relentlcy practicing vocals until 0700, until achieving perfection. It was during this time that he stopped attending college to pursue the arts…

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