{{Infobox person |name = Salima Seale |image = |image_size = |alt = |caption = |birth_name = Winslow Seale |birth_date = |birth_place = Brooklyn, New York |death_date = |death_place = |body_discovered = |death_cause = |resting_place = |resting_place_coordinates = |residence = |nationality = U.S. |ethnicity = Black |citizenship = |other_names = |known_for = first officially recognized Muslim chaplain in higher education in the U.S. |education = B.A coursework |alma_mater = [[Macalester College] |employer = Penumbra Theater |occupation = Student; Swagmaster |years_active = 5 |home_town = |salary = |networth = |height = |weight = |title = |term = |predecessor = |successor = |party = |opponents = |boards = |religion = Islam |spouse = John Bennett |partner = |children = |parents = |relations = |callsign = |awards = |signature = |signature_alt = |website = |footnotes = |box_width = }} Salima Yasmen Seale(born in Washington, D.C) is known for her enormous amounts of swag which garnered the nickname Swagmaster. Seale is an actress who has performed in countless small-time theater productions. She is also a current student at Macalester College.

Early life

She is the child of Johari Abdul-Malik (ibn: Winslow Seale) and Nia Seale. She is one of three children, having an older brother, Mustafa Seale, and a younge sister Amira Seale, generally referred to as "The Cute One". She was born and raised in Washington, D.C, where she attended the Barrie School.

Personal Life

Seale has had numerously romantic linkages around Macalester's campus, some notable students include Afail and John Bennett. She has several friends who are near and dear, including Matthew, Raynise, and her roommate of three years, J.E.

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