Sales NG is a proprietary Point of sale Software designed by Crystal Dynamics. It was first released in 2009 and the latest version was released in June 2012.

The retail industry has emerged as a higly competitive market by the entry of biggies with efficient supply chain and planning processes. In today’s dynamic and shaky business world, the retail industry is constantly upgrading itself. With an endless array of customer choices, fierce competitors, pervasive use of the internet, and a complex global economy, retailers need to focus on finding ways to sustain and grow their businesses. Traditional growth models that focused on rolling out more stores and adding more product lines, no longer enjoy the return on investment they once did.

Successful retailers are those who are able to adapt and change to the environment and develop new ways of serving customers, respecting the dynamics of current trends and adapting accordingly. The backbone of the sector is the operations and supply chain management with efficient merchandise planning and sourcing of commodities. Hence the software tool used for this business has a vital role in meing cost effective.

There are various point of sales software available in the market to meet the requirements of large retail industry.



Microsoft Word 5.5 for DOS


Microsoft Word 2000

Versions for Microsoft Windows include the following:

Year Released Name Version Comments
1989 Word for Windows 1.0
1990 Word for Windows 1.1 1.1 Code-named Bill the Cat
1990 Word for Windows 1.1a 1.1a For Windows 3.1
1991 Word for Windows 2.0 2.0 Code-named Spaceman Spiff
1993 Word for Windows 6.0 6.0 Code-named T3 (renumbered 6 to bring Windows version numbering in line with that of DOS version, Macintosh version and also WordPerfect, the main competing word processor at the time; also a 32-bit version for Windows NT only)
1995 Word 95 7.0 Included in Office 95
1997 Word 97 8.0 Included in Office 97
1998 Word 98 8.5 Only sold as part of Office 97 Powered By Word 98, which was only available in Japan and Korea.
1999 Word 2000 9.0 Included in Office 2000
2001 Word 2002 10.0 Included in Office XP
2003 Office Word 2003 11.0 Included in Office 2003
2006 Office Word 2007 12.0 Included in Office 2007; released to businesses on November 30, 2006, released worldwide to consumers on January 30, 2007
2010 Word 2010 14.0 Included in Office 2010
Note: Version number 13 was skipped due to superstition.[1]

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