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Sajith Geethanjana was born on 04.03.1997 @ Colombo, Sri Lanka. His Excellency Sajith Geethanjana Loved Music since his childhood. He Started music from his Pre-School when he was in 3 years. His target was to be a Pilot. Because his Mom worked at Sri Lanka Air Force. But he changed the decision to be a Pilot. He Learned the Hindusthani Music & Wrote the exams about Indian Music. He Sang his first song "Rayata Sandase" when he was Grade 05 (10 Years). After some times he Restarted Music when he was 12 years old. He is not only Musician, But also he Learning Information & Electronic Technology. He made his first website when he was 11 years. He is doing Graphic Designing, Software Coding, Music Composing, Song Writing, Singing, Website Designing & Developing, And all activities what are doing by Computer as his Hobby. His favorite Music Genres are HipHop, RnB, Electronica. But he loves Indian music to All others. Yeah. By the way, Someones says that "He is the Youngest Creative Musician" Creative Musician means, "The Artist who doing the all things of a song. Like Lyrics Writing, Vocals, Music & Melody Making, Mixing, etc.." Anyway, The most true story is that "He is the Youngest Rapper in Sri Lanka"

Learned Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Face Book Markup Language (FBML), JAVA, Dos Base, Etc. Sajith Geethanjana used his whole knowledge to learn more about music and increase his fans. His friends called him as "Super Hacker". His Cousins, Neighbors, Friends used to meet him when they had a problem about Music or Computers.

Everyone loves him and cares him. Because he is a child. But also he knows to move with any kind of people. So he has many types of friends and fans all around the globe. He has more and more crushers where-ever he goes. He loves his all fans and friends. Because his fans and friends inspiring him always.

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