Saimum Translate is a non-profit organization that has been established for translating a novel series name Saimum Series created by Abul Asad.


Saimum Translate is actually formed for translating Saimum Series. Saimum is such kind of series that not is only thrills oneself but also develops one's characteristics and helps him thinking about his society with a new look. Today the world is poisoning by some bad movements, peace is becoming very rare. The novels and cinemas are full of dirty behaviors which cause a very great effect to the new generation. The world is being leaded to destroy. In this critical time only a proper step can change the whole World and can turn it into a world of peace, happiness and of course, prosperity. But this step can not be possible to take because the modern generation is not ready to take this. So, only recreation can change one's mind as most of the people are addicted to it. Realizing this, a group of people thinking of translating Saimum Series, as only the novels like this can change the World. So, in August 22, 2012 Saimum Translate has been established.[1]

Published books of Saimum Translate

Saimum Translate is not published any book yet. But its work on it. It is now translating the first book of Saimum Series name Operation Tel Aviv One[2]

External Links

  • Saimum Translate [1]
  • Saimum Translate in Facebook [2]


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