A Moroccan, Said Namouh emigrated to Canada in 2003 and settled in Maskinongé, Quebec. A divorced man, Namouh worked on the Khidemat web forum, under the name Ashraf[1] and is alleged to have edited videos for the Global Islamic Media Front.[2][3]

In 2009, he was convicted under the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act of distributing "jihadist" propaganda online and sentenced to life imprisonment.[1][4][5]

2007 arrest

Two days after his arrest, Canada stated that they would not extradite him to Austria, where two men and a woman were also arrested.[3][6] He was accused of making the images "widely available on the internet",[1] and helping publicise a threat against Austria and Germany that threatened to detonate a car bomb unless the countries withdrew their troops from Afghanistan.[2][6]

His defence lawyer, Rene Duval , argued there was a slippery slope between disseminating religious materials and "propaganda".[1]


Terrorism in Canada
Front de libération du Québec
responsible for the October Crisis and other attacks

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Air India Bombing

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Squamish Five

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Khadr family

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