H.H. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj was born in 1888 on the fourth day of the first fortnight of Bhadrapada, of Vikram Samvat 1945. He brought back the true knowledge of Brahma Vidya after 17 years of continuous practice of Yog and honored as Sadguru. He named his mission of spreading Brahma Vidya to mankind as Vihangam Yoga which is another name for Brahma Vidya.



He was born in a renowned yogi family in the lineage of Maharshi Shringi. His forefather, Baba Lalji Rao, six generations above, was a great yogi who used to sit in a firm yogic posture in meditation for six months continuously.

Journey of Sadafaldeo to Maharshi Sadguru Sadafaldeo

Maharshi Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj, while still a child of two, once sat aloof on a wooden plank and his father, mother and other elderly members of his house lay prostrate before him, as he was a great saint. Persons thought that the child was just making fun and they reverently touched his feet. The same boy began to go to school to continue his studies. He wanted to learn Sanskrit in order to know the secret of God's realization by going through the ancient scriptures.

At the early age of eleven Sadafal went to Kashi to learn Sanskrit, but the scholars, who were Brahmins by caste, did not agree to impart him the knowledge of Sanskrit, as he hailed from a Kshatriya family. Being disappointed, boy Sadafal decided to practice Yoga, because he had he heard that ancient saints and seers got invaluable and deep knowledge of everything by practicing Yoga. As a result he sat in meditation practicing 'Unmunimudra' which Lord Krishna has taught in the Gita. Maharshi Sadafaldeo practiced his first lesson of yoga for controlling mind continuously for three years. He sat in meditation in a secluded place in Sidhasana, a yogic posture, for six hours every day.

One night while he was meditating thus, he found that his room was filled up with effulgence. He also heard a sweet and soothing voice from the void. "This won't lead you to attain the Supreme Lord, as this practice is based on material sense organs." Sometimes while in a state of meditation, he felt that someone put one of the fingers on the uppermost point of his head. On opening his eyes, he found none there. He could not make out who had spoken so sweetly and who had touched his head with his finger. Later on when Swamiji began practicing yoga inside his cave at Vritikoot Ashram, Pakari, he met a saint with light effulging from him, in the early hours of morning in a lovely field. This saint initiated him into the conscious technique of Vihangam Yoga and him not to come out of his cave before the public until a period of six months of 'anusthan' was complete. Swamiji later on realized that the saint he had met was not a common one. He was the Eternal True teacher, Nitya Anadi Sadguru. The Lord is Eternal and the way of realizing him is also eternal. As such the teacher teaching the scientific technique of realizing the Lord is also eternal. He is gifted with the power of materializing his body whenever he wills. He also appears in the physical form in all the four ages viz Satyuga, Tretaa, Dwapar and Kaliyuga and teaches the technique of Vihangam Yoga, the only way of God-realization, to deserving aspirants.

A reference to this effect has been made in the Vedas at several places.

Twa dootam agney amritam yugey- yugey havyawaaham dadhirey paayum eedayam.
Devaasah cha martasah cha jaagrivim vibhum vishwapatim namasaa nishedirey.
- Rigveda

O Lord! Your messenger comes to this world with your nectarian message to emancipate the suffering humanity and leads it to Thee. People as well as gods can't know Him. We lay ourselves prostrate to his Holy feet.

He practiced Vihangam yoga for seventeen long years, under the guidance of the same Eternal Sadguru, in his self-made cave at Vritikoot Ashram Pakari, Ballia, in his cave at Shoonya Shikar Ashram Himalayas, at Jhoonsi Ashram (Prayag) on the bank of Ganges and at several other sacred places. He undertook a number of yoga anusthans (Continuous Practice) lasting continuously for six months. Being pleased with his great sacrifice and perseverance, Nitya Anadi Sadguru endowed him with the authority of True Teacher. In the month of Maagh (two months before the Indian Festival- Holi), Eternal Sadguru blessed Maharshi Sadafal deo Ji with the authority of Sadguru and in the process, transferred the divine Brahma Vidya Knowledge to him. It was that auspicious moment when Sadguru Sadafal deo Ji was enlightened with the complete Brahma Vidya knowledge. Only a Sadguru has the potential to bless a disciple with the complete knowledge and authorize the disciple as next Sadguru. No one can claim himself or herself as Sadguru just by reading Vedas and other books. A Sadguru is the one who has the practical experience of Brahma Vidya and who can empower a deserved disciple with the same.

Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has said in his unique spiritual work Swarveda

Magh Maas shub maas hai, Ardh kumbh paryaag
Sadguru sadguru pad diye, puran gyaan viraag

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