Sablacub is a micronation founded by Blake Weber I, and his brother and sister, Jacob Cooper, and Samantha Cooper. This micronation was founded and gained independence in 2011. It also has gained and lost many citizens since the founding, including the sister of the leader of Sablacub. We have also developed a writing and number system of our own, and has already written a Constitution, and a Bill Of Rights. It is a very reliable and peaceful country. We have also made a flag, and a way of using language. There is only one law, the common sense law, you just don't do what you're not supposed to do.

The Bill Of Rights: 1. All things needed to survive are free. 2. Freedom of speech, religion, race, integrity, marriage, and point of view. 3. NOTHING in this country is a secret everything the government knows, the citizens shall know. 4. Leadership of the country is decided by voting. 5. Every goverment role is life long, you work as long as you please.

Leader Circumstances: A. You follow the oath of leadership. B. You help the country and not downgrade it. C. The people feel you are a good leader.

Oath of Leadership: I swear to protect, preserve, and upgrade this country, I also swear to trust and keep my country. Also I swear to never keep secrets from civilians, and to treat every civilian as one.

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