SSML is an acronym, which may stand for: Scotian Swag Music Limited [[Scotian Swag Music LTD]] is a music group based out of Nova Scotia, Canada

Scotian Swag Music LTD – Founded by Kevin Johnson in June 2006, in Central Onslow, Nova Scotia, Canada. Inspired by Hip-hop Music (SSML) became well known around Nova Scotia in early 2011.

Tha General (Kevin Johnson) started the group with a vision to promote local talent and as well get the voice of the “Underdog” out to the public ear. In 2006 with help from close friends it was able to happen. Since then mix-tapes have been released to YouTube in hopes that some of these underdog artists will get their chance to make a career out of the music industry.

Styled Elegance (Daniel Cook), a Truro, Nova Scotia born lyricist from “The Park” decided to pursue a career in Hip-hop (Rap) music in 2006. He has since recorded with artists such as Tha General, Marcus Paris, Titan, N.B., Meaghan Sarah, and YB – The Lyrical Hurricane. Also known As “Doctaa Criminal” Daniel Grew up to be a well-known M.C. in Nova Scotia and throughout parts of the United States.

Past and present artists include: – Tha General, Styled Elegance, Marcus Paris, Titan, N.B., and more.

Labels Include: -Scotian Swag Music LTD -General Productions INC -Styled Elegance Music LTD -902 & Central Records -Hubtown (North) -A-Dot Royalty

Under the direction of Kevin Johnson [[1]] With artists such as Styled Elegance [[2]]

Fanpage Link *[[3]]

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