SK Aaigem is a Belgian association football club based at the Complex Langemunt, in Aaigem, East Flanders. The club currently competes in East Flanders Division Three in the Belgian Provincial leagues. Their team colours are black and green and have the matricule number 7938.


The club was formed on 13 June 1973 and joined the Royal Belgian Football Association, where it was assigned a matricule number. Aaigem regularly played in the third and fourth provincial leagues for a few years, before being relegated back to the fourth division at the end of the 2008/09 season. At the end of 2010/11 season, following a win in the final round, the club returned to the third division where they remain to this present day.

Merger plans

There are ongoing plans for the four remaining clubs from Erpe-Mere (SK Aaigem, KRC Bambrugge, KFC Olympic Burst and FC Mere) to merge.[1] A new stadium will be built on the domain of Steenberg, with an objective of it being ready by 2015.[2] However, the merger is not expected to happen before 2016 at the earliest due to the need for a multi-purpose hall to be built first in Steenberg (source: municipality Erpe-Mere). The new football club will use the matricule number of KRC Bambrugge, that plays in the first provincial league, as the other teams play in lower series. It is thought to be almost certain that there will be black in the new club's colours, because of the four clubs that are still active, and the three clubs who merged into FC Mere, all had black in their club's colours. The K of Koninklijke (Royal) and Erpe-Mere will appear in the new club's name. More information about the name is currently unavailable.[3]

Fusie voetbalclubs Erpe-Mere

Merger progress


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