The SCP Foundation is a collection of fictional files used to describe paranormal phenomena that are kept in the "Foundation" itself.[1] All the "files" can be found on the website.[2] Even though the site's creator made the most known SCP on the site, users of the site are able to create them on their own but after completion, the file must be looked at and approved for installation.[3] The SCP Foundation has gotten internet fame and became a candidate for horror stories online like other sites such as Creepypasta and "No Sleep" stories on Reddit.


All "subjects" of the files are referred to as "SCP" followed by a number. SCP stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect" in which the facility the SCP is located is assigned to do. The SCP must be contained and basic rules are given in the files as well as important information, accidents, items/clones associated with the SCP and the class too. The class refers to the nature of the SCP based on three different classes; "Safe", "Euclid", "Keter" and "Neutralized". The following list describes each class meaning:[4]

  • "Safe": This means that the object/subject is not harmful at all and are contained safely with no hazards at all.
  • "Euclid": This class means that the object/subject's effects are unknown and still under study but could do harm to people though this doesn't necessarily mean that all do.
  • "Keter": This class is the most important and means that the object/subject is extremely dangerous and unstable. All effects of the SCP are malevolent and can kill and harm people while also being a benefactor of global armageddon or can just kill anything around it.
  • "Neutralized": Just like the name states, this means that the object/subject was "terminated" and is no longer alive or available in the foundation.

SCP Foundation

The site takes itself real for fictional and horror reasons. The basic foundation refers to facilities that contain the SCP's along with personnel hired to watch over, cater, capture or destroy the SCP's at the site. Personnel range from doctors, soldiers and criminals, each having a special job associated with the SCP assigned to them. The soldiers of the foundation are referred to as task forces and are listed in different categories depending on the specialty of their mission types.[5][6]


The SCP Foundation has gained a considerable amount of attention on the internet and has also acquired a large fan base. Fans of the site created tributes to the site but the most known are cartoons and downloadable video games on the internet. Here is a list of some adaptations of SCP on the net:

  • "The Sculpture": A web cartoon based of the file of "SCP-173"; a paranormal sculpture that kills people by cracking at the base of their neck but cannot attack or move when the person has straight eye contact with it.[7][8]
  • "SCP-087-B": A first person horror video game available for free download online.[9]
  • "SCP: Containment Breach": The spiritual successor to SCP-087-B and made by the same people. This game focuses on a personnel who tries to either escape or investigate when a containment breach of SCP-173 and two other SCP's occurs. According to the creators, the game is currently in the "alpha" stage of development[10]


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