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Rushington's Disease is a disorder that in the late 1940's Dr. Charles D. Rushington, a rural town physician in Kansas, observed with some of his male patients. A male with Rushington's Disease has a risk of fainting when they become erect. The cause of the blackout is known to be related to the lack of blood flow through the penis. This can be dangerous in any NARB, no apparent reason boner, situation because falling down suddenly could lead to various injuries. Dr. Rushington researched for 3 years until he connected the lack of blood flow to the penis with the brain. Blood pressure increases, but with denied entrance it is redirected throughout the body. The increased blood pressure passes through the Pineal Gland in the Hypothalamus and as a defense to the brain it shuts down to a similar sleep mode to NREM Sleep. This is a rare condition. Only 1 in 16,000 males are diagnosed. Most people with Rushinton's may never know because their's is not severe compared to others. A male with a light case may just encounter a headache or might return from erect to flaccid.

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