Born a day before National Salvation Day of Azerbaijan Roya Babayev is s hard working talent who contributed majorly to the Labor Code the working hours which on 14 June is now shortened by one hour every year but prolonged on weekend for overtime unpaid hours.

Roya opened his eyes wide open to this world with his fingers already moving the mouse curser on his favorite toy “the laptop”.
In the childhood Roya realized that to become a famous consultant you should sacrifice your hairs.

Business Life

  • Best known in the world of consultancy by his trademark character of RB.
  • Roya is personal consultant of Roman Abramovich and also InfoBase of Vladimir Putin.
  • If the only crisis salvation plan for Greece must have been designed then RB’s bullet proof Business Intelligence inspired solution must be applied.
  • Greenwich knowledge-base downloading information from Roya’s brain when he sleeping.
  • There is no info which Roya does not know, if there is it means that it was burned down in Alexandrian Library.

Personal Life

  • Never try to cheat Roya, because he makes analyses your way of thinking.
  • He never switches off the phone, if you experienced with such a case you should know phone decided to rest itself.
  • Roya is very serious person; under the formal suit he is wearing the T-shirt with hearts and drinking the tea on the cup with flower.
  • Roya doesn’t need Twitter, he’s already following every team member.
  • Roya never make notes in case pen isn’t made by Mont Blanc.
  • In his past life Roya was Einstein and Ericsson.
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