Roy Baker, is an Irish Kickboxer, born on 23rd March 1965, in Dublin Ireland. Baker became the most prolific and succesfull Kickboxer in Irish Sporting History. Baker became Irish National Champion for the first time in 1982 and continued undefeted in Ireland until his eventual retirement in 2002 following another Gold medal at the WAKO European Championships that year.

Martial Arts Background

Baker began studying Karate at the tender age of 6(WADO Ryu), Over his career he studied, Kung Fu, Karate, TKD, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. Attaining Black blets in four seperate systems. Baker currentley is a WAKO Seventh Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing, Third Degree Black Belt in karate, First Degree Black belt in Taekwon Do. Baker is the highest WAKO Black Belt/ Dan Grade Kickboxier in Ireland.

Kickboxing Ireland ( Formally known as AKAI)

Baker was one of the founding members of Kickboxing Ireland. He has sit on the Executive Committee for the last 24 years and is currentley ( 2013) the president of The National Governing Body of Sport. Kicklboxing Ireland is a democratically structured, constitutionally run governing body of sport on the Island of Ireland with over 12,000 registered members for all four regions. further information can be found at

Bushido Martial Arts

Baker is the founder and chief instructor of Bushido Martial Arts in Ireland. The orginisation has 12 clubs throughout Ireland. it is the most competitiveley sucessfull Kickboxing Club in the country, producing Many world and European Kickboxing Champions, Nicola Corbett, Darragh Geoghegan, Elaine Small, Ilija Salerno, Nakita Karina to name but afew and of course Baker himself. The orginisation has cluibs in, Dublin, Cork and Kildare.

Point Fighting

Baker is widley recognised as one of the peers of pointfighting in Europe, His long competitive career in the sport is unmatched today, he continues to travel the globe hosting seminars in the dynamic and exciting sport of Kickboxing, In recent years traveling to Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, England, North Americs, South America and Turkey to assist the development of the sport in each of the countries.

World Association of Kickboxing Orginisations

Baker is a member of the WAKO Executive Board and a member of the WAKO Tournament Committee with responcibility for Tatami Sports ( matted Sports) at the World and Continental Championships. Baker is the Director Of Anti Doping for WAKO and is responcible for the overall work programm within WAKO for Anti Doping in Kickboxing. Baker works closley with WADA and Sport Accord to the aim of a doping free enviroment for all.

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