Rosemary Davies (June 15, 1903 - September 20, 1963) was an American actress who appeared in one motion picture.

Born Rose Douras in Brooklyn, New York, she was the sister of the actresses Marion Davies and Reine Davies but did not reach the same fame as her two sisters.

However, her name was mentioned in different circles briefly when she was said to be the mother of Patricia Lake by her first husband, George Van Cleeve. After the death of Patricia Lake, Lake's family announced that Lake was in fact the daughter of Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst, born secretly during a trip abroad in 1923.

Rosemary married Louis Adlon who was an American, German-born motion picture actor. He died 31 March 1947.

Rosemary Davies died in 1963 in Bel Air, California. She is buried beside her sister Marion in the Douras mausoleum along with Marion’s husband Horace Brown, as well as with Patrica Lake (Marion's biological child with Wm. Randolph Hearst) and her husband, actor Arthur Lake.

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