RoomSurge is a discount hotel booking website and service that uses intelligent search to deliver millions of unsold rooms all over the world. Based in the US, RoomSurge has localised search pages for over 23 countries including (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, US).

Headquartered in New York, NY,, was created to combine some services, resources, and inventories of Expedia, Inc. (NASDAQEXPE),, and, utilizing a partnership by affiliation.


RoomSurge was launched in 2010 as before its acquisition of and its eventual name change to it.[1] In 2011, it re-branded itself as as a stealth mode start up in private beta before launching to the public in 2012, following an extensive testing period in their private beta session with over 1000 users, a period that spanned from January 2011 through May 2012. [2]

RoomSurge Economics

In a June 2012 article, seekingalpha blogger Jonathan Leize introduced the idea of "RoomSurge Economics". In his article, Leize states that "the economic theory behind RoomSurge is what its executives coined as the theory of "multiple mashup-synergy", a term that they describe to be "the simple synergestic method of combining the best Web 2.0 services to create a new services of compounded value." In other words, combining what they describe to be the current leaders in online hotel bookings, Expedia,, and the most popular hotel review site TripAdvisor, they create a service that compounds the value of those brands to consumers. Basically it's the same theory as the "rich get richer", that Expedia's domination of the market will help RoomSurge propel its brand and hotel inventory multitudes higher, in a value cycle that gains momentum and value at every turn."

Further, Leize adds that "their theory of "multiple mashup-synergy" can be seen already in the growth of their Twitter followers. According to, RoomSurge experienced exponential growth in followers on Twitter, shooting up from 250 to 1300 in just a matter of days, the days preceding their public launch, and the days after the launch. Clearly here, one can fathom the value of Expedia's brand and inventory." [3]

RoomSurge claims to leverage the power of the best web travel retail to intelligently pick and display rooms that have super discounted prices and last minute rates. [4]

Integration with Facebook

In March 2012, RoomSurge revealed their integration with Facebook that allows Facebook users to book hotels right from their homepages, or by going to the link The integration page claims that it searches over 140,000 hotels right from Facebook with enhanced privacy features that blocks the recording and association between hotel rooms, their geo code locations, and the user's Facebook identity. [5]


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