Roomsurf is a website that helps college students find compatible roommates.[1][2] The website,, is a Facebook-enabled social network that provides service directly to students in addition to partnering with colleges and universities to integrate the service into their roommate assignment process.[3][4][5][6] Roomsurf has helped over 250,000 students connect since its 2010 founding.[3][7] Roomsurf's headquarters are in Miami, Florida.[8]


Roomsurf is a private company founded in January of 2010 and owned by ECAMPUS, LLC.[9] It is a self-funded participant in the University of Miami's Launch Pad. The Launch Pad is a resource for entrepreneurs at the University of Miami.[10][11] ECAMPUS also owns and operates, a textbook price comparison website.[12]


A Roomsurf client uses his or her Facebook profile for registration. The user creates a Roomsurf profile by answering a seventeen question survey.[10] When the survey is complete, a user can review all other users of the same gender. The service matches users to others based on compatibility statistics.[10][3][7] The survey asks questions about study habits, visitors, sorority/fraternity recruitment preferences, sleeping habits and common interests.[13][4] Roomsurf uses Facebook profiles to help generate matches. Students are encouraged to communicate further through Facebook.[14]

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