Room 515 ( also known as R515 ) is a 2012 American mini-film created by non licensed film company GG and U Productions. It was posted on June 6th, 2012 on the GG and U Productions website. It stars Jared Ullom as Mattio Johnathon,a college student being haunted by a Poltergeist. It was produced by Maguire Glass and directed by Jared Ullom. The film has a small fan following. It has also spawned two sequels. The second movie being Room 515 II and the third, Room 515 III: The Last Haunting, is in production.


The first scene of the movie is a sub-scrip that explains that a young boy was killed in Room 515. After this we see a low grade video of a boy named Mattio Johnothan (Jared Ullom) saying that he has been haunted by a ghost for some time in Room 515 while being constantly told to go to bed by his roommate Frankie (Garret Bopp). After Mattio goes to bed, the lights start to flicker. When he gets up to check he is bombarded with shoes (at one point seeing a girl throwing them) and his roommate starts having a spasm. Frankie then gets off the bed (apparently possessed) and tries to kill Mattio. We then see a boy (Maguire Glass) standing in the closet (covered by a sheet). He then walks out and strangles Mattio while saying random sounds. The screen then goes black and we are told that Mattio died.


Mattio Johnathon-Jared Ullom Frankie, the roommate-Garret Bopp Poltergeist-Maguire Glass


According to the GG and U Productions web site, the film was shot in one night at Iowa State University while the students were on a field trip for Odyssey of the Minds. Ironically, the film was shot in Room 515, where they were staying. They apparently had a crew of six. Ullom, Mag. Glass, and Bopp were actors. And Morgan Glass, MaKenna Medlen, and Julia Quinn were the special effects crew. According to the opening credits, Maguire Glass was also producer and Jared Ullom was directer.


A sequel to the movie was made and a third is in production. The second, Room 515 II, was made only one night later and starred the same cast. The third starts filming on the 20th of June, and is scheduled to be released before 2013.


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