Legg's Griffano, full name Ronnie Edward Legg's Griffano, is an Italian Amercian social-lite and humanitarian for equal rights. Legg's Griffano is a former cosmetologist, model, dancer and motivational speaker. In recent years Legg's has been known more largely for being the founder and owner of The Purple Haze Estate Family. Legg's is not just the owner and founder of the artist network/online family, but is also the mastermind behind the entire creation.

As a social-lite/public figure/ humanitarian, Legg's got an idea one day about creating a website that would bring people together. The idea was ment to be just a random thought. As Legg's spoke about this idea to two former co-workers, they just laughed. One of the former co-workers laughed at the idea and insinuated that it would be to hard to accomplish. The other said Facebook already existed. Legg's told them that he didn't want it to be another social website, he wanted it to be more personal, he wanted people to be a part of it. So this random thought had become a goal. A goal that he would successfully accomplish.

Outlook on Life

One of the most optimistic free spirited positive people, Legg's loves to see young people strive for better. He has said many times that they are the foundation of good mental positive health. Legg's is not just a cheese player at the game of life, but is very brilliant is his own right. He thinks as quick as he talks. He lives and is known for his famous quotes like, “Life is a contact sport. You jump out there and live it, that's how the game is played. If you arent' taking chances you're not living. Standing on the side lines playing it safe is never good.”

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