Born an raised in Memphis, TN, Mr. Ronald Pope is "NO' stranger to the mid-south. Mr. Pope is an accomplished administrator and consultant with over 20 years of leadership experience and a solid track record of creating and expanding programs while forgiving strong partnerships with government; business and community organizations. A highly capable professional in the design, development and delivery of education and clinical programs including: Alternative Programs, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Truancy, Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Community Support initiatives. Some of Mr. Popes core Competencies include: Strategic Planning Program Development, Expansion and Evaluation. Community-Wide Task force Leadership, Team Facilitation and Team Leadership. Grant Writing and Administration and Oral and Written Communication.

Mr. Pope is highly respected for his involvement in student discipline, gang prevention and intervention services. Manages Pupil Services Center and Truancy Assessment Center and the office of Gang Awareness & Intervention where students behavior is monitored that have or had gang issues throughout the school year. Mr. Pope oversees the "Trust Pays Program" for the district, they was recently awarded grant funding to operate W.I.N. (Workforce Investment Network for students) after school program for over three years. He has initiated the Youth Court Program in selected Memphis City Schools "High Schools" and the school base Probation Program. He designed and implemented a national award winning Course Recovery Program. He developed e-learning program for averaged students providing an additional option for study continuation, which resulted a decrease in dropouts. He formed Truancy Prevention Roundtable with community stakeholders; successfully crafting a uniform plan that reduced the number on truancies by over 17,000 students. He also implemented the "Extended Year Program" for students at risk of being retained and developed dropout prevention initiatives including, three summer programs and expansion of GED + 2 programs.

One of Mr. Pope most recent foundations is Gang Awareness within MCS, which not only helps students but parents with awareness materials regarding at risk students. He has implemented district wide staff development process, organized structure for reducing gang activity, developed, designed and implementing, Station House Adjustment Program.

For the past 20 years Mr. Ronald Pope has a history of helping students and families to get back on track. Hundreds of families have changed their life style for the greater just because of this person that took the addition steps forward to make a change.

Mr. Ronald V. Pope is currently the Director of the Division of Student Engagement with Memphis City Schools. He has developed several programs within MCS system which involves G.R.A.S.S.Y., Gang Reduction Assistance for Saving Society's Youth), which is an Alternative program that involves the schools, probational Officers, Course Recovery and many others.

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