Ronald A. Gregory is an officer in the United States Air Force.[1]


date institution
1979 BA, Baylor University
1982 JD, University of Tennessee
1988 Squadron Officer School (correspondence)
1998 Air Command and Staff College (correspondence)
2001 Air War College (seminar)

Military career

In 1983 Gregory became an officer through direct appointment after a year of private practice.[1]

In 1993 Gregory became an officer in the Air Force Reserves. During his time in the reserves he served as a political officer in the American Embassy in London.[1]

In 1999 he returned to active duty.[1]

In 2005 he presided over the case of Major Gregory McMillion who was found guilty of shipping contraband material looted in Iraq back to the USA.[2]

Service with the Officer of Military Commissions

Gregory is notable for having been assigned to serve as a Presiding Officer with the Office of Military Commissions.[1]

Gregory was the Presiding Officer over Ali Hamza al-Bahlul's military commission.[3][4][5] Ali's military commission was the second to run to completion, and the third to result in a conviction.


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