Rolly Show

The Rolly Show is an animated web series based on a slow-witted doughy fellow named Rolly and his crazy acquaintances. It is currently available on the Chicken Slurpee Productions YouTube channel.


Rolly - A slow-witted doughy fellow who loves cheeseburgers and videos games. He hates anything that involves even the slightest bit of physical labor and likes to hang out at Squeaky's restaurant.

Weasel - A sly, sneaky weasel who hates Rolly. Why he hates Rolly is unclear, when asked why he replies "I just do."

Lekunga - A floating eyeball with an afro. Lekunga is often rejected by everyone and told to go away.

Muffin - A cupcake who was once a muffin. Muffin is very wise and powerful, but at times has substance abuse and alcohol abuse problems. He was sent to train Rolly in his mystical ways but constantly fails due to Rolly's laziness.

Cupcake - A muffin who was once a cupcake. He is Muffin's arch nemesis. He had a wizard perform a spell that caused them to swap bodies, then destroyed him so that the spell could never be reversed. Cupcake spends most of his time bickering with Muffin and hanging around Weasel.

Squeaky - A chef who owns Squeaky's. He claims to have the best burgers around. Everyone likes to go to Squeaky's and hang out. Squeaky owns a wide variety of firearms and despite his redneck ways he is very intelligent.

Bubbles - Bubbles is a bottle of magic moonshine whiskey who Squeaky is affiliated with.

Cupcake's Right Hand Man - A large blue guy who dwells in Cupcake's lair.

1 800 RIP OFFS Guy - The salesman for 1-800-RIP-OFFS. He's always trying to sell something claiming it's a great deal for only $299.99.

World's Angriest Man - The World's Angriest Man is the star of his self titled show that Rolly watches. He is always angry and hates everything.

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