Rollics (укр.Роллік'с) - was the Ukrainian new metal group, which combines the latest trends of the dense guitar sound with elements of rap and growling. The critical acclaim compare this band with music of P.O.D., Limp Bizkit, Hed PE and Linkin Park. The band also worked with Sashco Polozhinsky from TARTAK and with rapcore band ТНМК. The band recorded music with help of Lavina music label.

At 10 December, 2012 Dmitry Ignatov declared about the breakup of the group because of quarals and argues in a group.

The members


Music videos

  • Частіше посміхайся
  • Мікрофонна перевірка (feat Tartak)
  • День у день
  • Доки є сили (feat Vova Zi Lvova)
  • Зруйнувати все
  • Числа і літери
  • Адреналін
  • Бий-бий
  • Зупини час (2 versions)
  • Несемо


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