Rolestorming- An Extension of Brainstorming The Problem: Rolestorming originated as part of a creativity challenge with brainstorming. It was observed that during traditional brainstorming sessions attendees would either run out of ideas or self-limit themselves for fear of appearing too eager or of risking ridicule.

The Solution: Everyone is familiar with role playing. Although hesitant to begin, attendees often rate role playing as a highlight of a training or facilitation experience. Usign this familiar tool, rolestorming involves asking participants to continue brainstorming while role playing a different person or caricature. The result is often a doubling (100%) of the number of product marketing ideas and solutions to a management, leadership or innovation challenge. Participants become more at ease as they offer solutions from "another" person. Role playing + brainstorming = Rolestorming. Designed by Rick (R.E.) Griggs and published in Training Magazine in 1985,Rolestorming is featured in Mind Tools, Chartered Management Institute and in the book, 101 Activities for Teaching Creativity * Problem Solving, VanGundy, 2004 Sources:

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