Roger Dommergue (full name Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce; b. c. 1923[1][2]) is a French Jewish professor, philosopher, and essayist, known for his writings concerning alternative medicine and his Holocaust revisionism.


Dommergue is a critic of brit milah, claiming that infant circumcision performed on the 8th day after birth constitutes an infantile trauma and negatively affects hormone development, as Dommergue claims that the 8th day after birth is the beginning of the first puberty which lasts for 21 days thereafter. He claims that the endocrinologist Dr. Jean Gautier has given evidence of this.[3][4]

Holocaust Revisionism

Dommergue is a critic of contemporary claims concerning the Holocaust, Hitler, and Nazi Germany. He is especially critical of the claim that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was six million, as he claims that there were not even this number of Jews living in Germany or occupied Europe. In the 1980s, German Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zündel was on trial in Canada for distributing Holocaust revisionist literature. Dommergue recorded a 90 minute audio cassette and a small booklet as an affidavit for Zündel's defence. After being acquitted, Zündel travelled to France to personally thank Dommergue and conducted an interview with him in which his views on the Holocaust, Hitler, and Nazi Germany were discussed.[5]


  • J'ai mal de la terre
  • Dossiers secrets du XXIème siècle
  • Auschwitz le silence de Heidegger ou la fin du judéo-cartésianisme
  • L'histoire face à la question juive, éditions Le Styx, Paris-Budapest
  • La pollution médicale concrète et abstraite
  • Comment la femme moderne vit contre sa nature
  • Le syndrome des parties reliées paradoxales
  • Comment comprendre la véritable santé
  • Comment méditer l'athéisme et la réincarnation
  • Comment comprendre le rôle de la génitale interne
  • Comment aider la nature à guérir par les plantes et les oligo-éléments
  • Comment guérir naturellement de maladies courantes
  • Comment comprendre la santé mentale
  • Quels sont les grands ennemis de la santé


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