Rock Angels Trout Club

This guys-only group was established to provide an opportunity for the men of the family to meet each year at fishing camp and fish local rivers and lakes, play poker with the guys, smoke cigars as able, and take turns cooking for the group.


1.) Must be a member of the immediate family or a friend of a family member.

2.) Must be 12 years or older

3.) Must cook a meal as assigned


  • Mik: Original Rock Angel
  • Dou: (nickname TBD)
  • Ker: (nickname TBD)
  • Sha: (nickname TBD)
  • Kam: (nickname TBD)
  • Bru: (nickname TBD)

Attendance by Year

  • 2012: Mik, Chr, Ker, Sha, Kam, Bru, Mat, Ken, Ste, All
  • 2011: Mik, Chr, Ker, Sha, Kam, Bru, Mat
  • 2010:
  • 2009:
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