RobertWLester - Youtube Atheist / AntiCult Blogger

Youtube Channels RobertWLester aka AntiDesteniMovement aka RobLesterFilms aka AntiDesteni000 aka RobleKosh aka RobertWLester1 aka RobLesterOlogy aka DalekSnack aka Threedgedsword1 aka TheDesteniCult aka DesteniHitlers aka RobLesterFilms2 aka Roblester666Films aka RobLesterFilms1 aka RobLesterFilmsblogs (and many other channels in the past on youtube).

RobertWLester, Robert Lester is a little known youtuber, only very a few views, talks on cults and crazy beliefs from an atheistic perspective, includes a number of channels, has been involved in a few campaigns on youtube, supporting the Anti-Desteni movement, various Anti-Cult movements, and focusing on nibiru, 2012, conspiracy nutjobs, and much more.

the occult religious called 'desteni' was the first major foe made by Mr. Lester, he became involved with opposing them in 2010 after critical videos about the cult were false flagged & false DMCA-d by the desteni cult members. the debate goes on, but due to the actions of those who opposed the Desteni cult, the cult group itself lost it's main channels, which had over ten million views. The Desteni group was about attention and making money off conspiracy nutjobs who want to follow the cult belief that is set out by Bernard Poolman, the Desteni cult leader, a few youtubers managed to blow that cult wide open, exposing the scam.

since being involved, Robert Lester has been involved in Anti-Cult Activity on youtube and elsewhere, both in his name and anonymously, focusing on Desteni Process, Almighty Wind ministries, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Scam, Colleen Thomas Scam, Galactic federation cult Group, and a number of others, not that he has been doing this alone, far from it, he has been cooperating with many youtubers.

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