Robert Ray Fry
Mugshot of Robert Ray Fry
Mugshot of Robert Ray Fry
Born (1973-08-18) August 18, 1973 (age 44)
Farmington, NM
Charge(s) Four Homicides, Witness Tampering, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery
Penalty Death
Consecutive Life Sentences
Status Incarcerated at Penitentiary of New Mexico, Santa Fe


Robert Ray Fry (Born August 18, 1973) is a convicted serial killer from New Mexico, and is one of the last two remaining death row inmates in the state.[1] Fry was sentenced to die for the June 9, 2000 murder of Betty Lee, a thirty six year old mother of five.[2] Despite the 2009 repeal of capital punishment in New Mexico, Fry's death sentence has been grandfathered, which will allow the execution to be carried out.[3] A 2011 appeal to overturn his sentence on the basis of the death penalty repeal wast denied.[4]

Crimes and Convictions

On November 26th, 1996 Matthew Treker, 18 and Joseph Flemming, 24 were murdered at a counter culture store in Farmington, NM. Both victims were found stabbed to death with an edged weapon. Police had a suspect, but the case quickly went cold. Fry would later implicate himself in 2004, during an interview with police, a full 3 years after he had been setenced to die for the brutal beating death of Betty Lee.[5]

On April 1, 1998 Donald Tsosie was thrown off a cliff by Fry and another man, Leslie Engh. Engh confessed to police that he and Fry beat Tsosie and threw him off a cliff. At the same time he confessed to the pair's roll in the June 9, 2000 beating death of Betty Lee. The later crime would earn Fry his death sentence, being sentenced to life for each of the other three murders.[6][7]

In the Media

Robert Ray Fry's crimes were the subject of the book Monster Slayer, written by true crime writer Robert Scott.[8]


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