Robert Gavin Hampson, born Liverpool 1948, educated at King's College, University of London. During the 1970s he co-edited the poetry magazine 'Alembic' with Peter Barry and Ken Edwards and was part of the British Poetry Revival. He co-edited 'The New British poetries: The scope of the possible' (1993) with Peter Barry. His poetry publications include 'Assembled Fugitives: Selected poems 1973-1998' (2001), 'Seaport' (2008),'an explanation of colours' (2010), 'Reworked Disasters' (2012), which was long-listed for the Forward Prize. He founded the MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London, with Redell Olsen.

He has also pursued a parallel career as a Conrad scholar and editor with three monographs: 'Joseph Conrad: Betrayal and Identity' (1992), 'Cross-Cultural Encounters in Joseph Conrad's Malay Fiction' (2000) and 'Conrad's Secrets' (2013). He was editor of 'The Conradian' (1989-96) and edited various Conrad texts - 'Lord Jim' (1986), 'Victory' (1989), 'Heart of Darkness' (1995) - for Penguin books, as well as Rudyard Kipling's 'Something of Myself' (1987) and 'Soldiers Three' (1993) and Rider Haggard's 'King Solomon's Mines' (2000).


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