Rixton are a pop and R&B Band from the UK, who formed in 2012. It band consist of is four members. Jake Roche,(lead vocals) Charley Bagnall,(Guitar and backing vocals) Lewi Morgan,(Drums)and Danny Wilkin (Guitar, Keyboard and Backing vocals). They are currently signed to SB projects, the record label owned by Scooter Braun.

Early days and Background.

They officially formed on the 4th of may via twitter under the name "Relics" but was forced to change due to legal reasons. Although no further information was made public, all members decided that by changing the bands name to Rixton early on in the process it would help keep confusion to a minimum. The band has been collecting fans since they opened their twitter and are still growing. The fans known as "Rixters" are a fierce army of fans that help to support and promote the boys. Rixton were originally a 3 piece of friends before they put out an advert looking for a drummer to complete the band. After striking gold in Lewi Morgan the boys are great friends and meet regularly even though they live in completely separate areas of the UK. Rixton have already preformed at 6 small venues in the UK and New York.

Jake Roche

Born 16th September 1992, Roche has already had a brush with fame as he is the famous son of Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie. Aged nine his parents divorced and both parents found separate partners. Along with his brother Shane JR he has 4 half siblings. Two half sisters from his dad's marriage (Lolita and Romani-Skye) one brother (Mackenzie) and an half sister (Ciara) from his mother's second marriage. At such a young age Roche has already accomplished a lot. Roche has already started to make his name as an actor and had cameo appearances in programs such as Friday night dinner and Scott and Bailey. He also starred in a musical for the BBC entitled "Rules of love" and played the soap character Isaac Nuttal in Emmerdale. When speaking about the role he said [1] Roche has also supported his mother and aunts along with his brother on the Nolan's tour back in 2009.

Danny Wilkin

Born 5th of may 1990 Wilkin Grew up in the town of Thornton-Cleveleys and attended Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School. His parents run a pub in called the Borne Poacher in his local area which he lives above. His biggest claim to fame was when he appeared on the X factor back in 2008. He originally entered as a solo singer but was put with 3 other boys to form the group priority. The band were just one step away from making the live shows. However the setback only made him more determined to achieve he said, [2] Wilkin puts the band's failure down to a lack of preparation. He said [3] The band disbanded shortly after.

Charley Bagnall

Born 25th March 1989 Bagnall now lives in south end London. Bagnall was previously in a band named most famously as Rio. They achieved minor success and played gigs in the UK. They released original music onto YouTube and got an average of 5,000 views on their songs. The band stopped making new material in 2011.

Lewi Morgan

Born 10th of January 1989. Morgan is the son of Leslie and John Morgan and currently lives in Bolton. He has a brother (Adam) and a sister (Hayley.) Lewi was the last member to join the band as Rixton's drummer. His nickname from the fans is "snapback with a backpack" which refers to the hat and bag that he seemingly never takes off.

Recent success.

Since being signed to SB projects. The boys have traveled to New York to record their debut album. They have worked with big names such as Benny Blanco and Travvie McCoy. There is no date as of yet for the release of the album or the title. They have also supported Justin Bieber for one night of his tour at the Barclays centre in Brooklyn. There is sure to be bigger things to come for the boys in the future. They have stayed true to their roots and organize regular meet up's with fans wherever possible. A Truly amazing band.

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