Speedy deletion Wiki Rishabh Puri (born 12 February 1987) is an Indian business investor and entrepreneur. He is the Executive Director of Global Sterling Products Ltd. At the age of 28, he heads big enterprises in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, India, China, and Netherlands. Rishabh Puri’s net worth is US$10.9 million according to their growth in business. Rishabh Puri believes that determination can take one to great heights in business as well as in one's personal life. Rishabh is young, ambitious, hard-working and an inspiring leader for aspiring entrepreneurs in the region. He has the vision, the ideas and the ability to turn his dreams into a reality.

Challenges were indeed a paharder to prove capability and now it seems no challenge in business is too big! His thought having a degree does not always guarantee you success; strong will and determination to excel in your work are what determine how far you go in life. To quote John Calvin, former President of the United States, "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. You have to set a goal and then work really hard to obtain it. You have to press on".

Personal life

Rishabh Puri was born on 12 February 1987 in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is Puri's hometown and despite visiting most countries across the world, He loves going to Chandigarh the most. For Rishabh Puri his roots, Indian culture and tradition play a pivotal role and perhaps that's the reason he is quite sentimental about this city. Unfortunately, he does not take too many holidays. However, he tries to blend a bit of fun even when he travels for work. He is looking forward to give some more time to own self in the near future.

At age 1, he was diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia and at age 9 with Aortic stenosis. Having been operated 10 years ago, he has left no stone unturned and fights every battle with charm. He wishes to one day start a production company. Rishabh Puri sees own self in upcoming five years down the line as far as business goes, His dream of building an empire where people look up to and strive to emulate their success and achievements.

He enjoys learning new things, keeping own self busy, travelling to exotic locations and picking up new hobbies along the way. Whenever he get some free time, he love to draw and create new things. Another and interesting thing he is very passionate about is cooking; He tries his hand at whipping up a meal occasionally. At times, to ease his mind and soul he often performs volunteer services for the needy.

Rishabh Puri believes that meditation is the best form of releasing stress; He has learnt the art of meditation from the rough patches life once bestowed upon him.

Business life

Getting into business was never on the agenda. He did not have an engineering background but the influence of his father, uncle and brothers made him explore a different side to which he wasn't aware of. And he haven't looked back ever since. His biggest role model is his father.

Global Sterling was founded by his father and uncle 30 years ago having their presence in West Africa, India and now UAE. His cousins became the new pillars after their post- graduation. Rishabh Puri joined the company as their backbone when he was 18. Under the guidance of his father, uncle and brothers, he became successful. Future expansions are in the pipeline. Their group is planning to expand Natural Mineral Mining, Media Production House and Vineyard.

Rishabh Puri gives some advice to an upcoming entrepreneur. Any idea, thought or determination to do something big will take you to a phase where only sky is the limit. Never think that you can't perform. Believe in Almighty and your own self, and the rest shall be taken care off. Education is important, but an academic degree is not the only solution to everything. What counts are your ability and your determination to make the most of what you have. You must have a desire to reach your goal. Don’t set low goals. Set objectives that will stretch you, that will lift you up and make you better. Having determination is what counts in this life.

Getting into his business entrepreneurship was never his cup of tea. At times people took undue advantage and assumed that age and experience would outweigh his capability to perform. Each day made him fight further and prove his capability and now it seems, no challenge in business is too big!

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