Rilek Sudah Futsal Team is formed early in 2012. This futsal team consist of 8 players which are Nikku (skipper), Acap, Syamier, Suheil, Oja, Ucop, Mob and Rais. In the first tournament participated by Rilek Sudah Futsal Team which is UiTM Perak Open, the team knocked-out by a former UiTM Perak futsal team. The great achievement of this futsal team is during the UiTM Open (Faculty of Event Management), where the team qualified into the semi-final. Finally, the team stands for 4th place in the tournament. The skipper, Nikku, scored 2 goals and an assist, thus becoming the Best Player of the team in the tournament.

Now, Rilek Sudah Futsal Team is about to seek for younger player as a replacement for the current squad as the former player is about to exceed study period in UiTM Perak. The 'youth team' should be at least studying in part 2 in any course in UiTM Perak. The team keep on scouting the young player around the court at Padang A, Bidara court and Angsana Street Soccer Court in the courtyard. The team also considering in adding some potential player into the team to reinforce current player during a big game.

Lately, all the players are busy in study but yet the fitness level, form and game are still keep on going. In 2013, the team is considering to enter a big tournament such as UiTM Perak Open, Futsal Fever (Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Survey, Team Building) and any other big tournament.

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