Darryl Lee Bowman (born October 3rd 1984) better known by his stage name “Dimesac” Ricky Styles is an American professional wrestling Ring Announcer, Referee, Internet radio personality and semi-retired Professional Wrestler and Rap artist. He currently works as the head ring announcer for Epic Pro Wrestling, is the occasional co-host of “Dontaymania” on Kaotic Radio, and is a pre-licensed Psychiatric Technician.[1]


Backyard Wrestling (1996-1999)

At the age of 11 Bowman joined the wrestling team at Royal Oak middle school and soon started a backyard wrestling federation with fellow teammates called the Covina Wrestling Association (CWA). During CWAs 3 year run Bowman was awarded the CWA Heavyweight and hardcore championships. His freshmen year at Charter Oak High School Bowman was kicked off the wrestling team for practicing pro wrestling style moves on the school mats after practice. CWA folded in 1999 due to lack of interest. [2]

Rap Career (1999-2005)

While attending Glendora High School during the 2nd half of his freshmen year Bowman met fellow hip hop and wrestling enthusiast Gerald Smith also known as Nekro G. Together they formed a rap group called "Sinister-X". In 1999 they started D&S Records (changing the name to SX records in 2002) and released a mixtape that was given away for free entitled "Buried Memories". In June of 2002 they met Dennis Sudar from Pomona who performed as "Zero" they all clicked and shortly after Zero had joined Sinister-X and the trio began working on an album entitled "Brain Dead Killaz LP". In February of 2003, the group released "Buried Memories 2" including cuts that were not going on the main CD. In June of 2003 Sinister-X released "Brain Dead Killaz LP" and even went as far as to press a small quantity of CDs, however the day the album was released all 3 members had a personal conflict and the group was disbanded. Post Sinister-X break up Bowman continued making music with Zero under his Ghetto Kuttz inc. label and Chris Robinson’s Mantikor Recordings as a featured guest on several different albums. In 2004 Bowman began production on his first solo album entitled “Reality is Boring”. 5 tracks where produced but the album was never finished as Bowman decided to focus solely on his professional wrestling career and gave up on music entirely. Bowman’s last musical performance was at the 2004 Gathering of the Juggalos MC contest, the very bloody mini-set featured live deathmatch wrestling in the background. [3] [4]

Malicious Intensions Wrestling and Insane Wrestling League (2003-2008)

In 2003 Bowman returned to backyard wrestling debuting as the masked Japanese wrestler “The Great Saiyaman” for the Insane Wrestling League (IWL), Bowman kayfabed his identity to keep his wrestling and music characters separate. In 2004 Bowman along with DC (Mars Olsen) and Amos da Strangla (Bobby Hollywood) started a Deathmatch themed backyard federation called Malicious Intensions Wrestling (MxIxW). MxIxW featured a majority of the IWL roster as well as some homegrown talent (most notably current King of the Cage fighter Ron LeBrenton Jr.) in brutal underground deathmatches (half of MxIxW’s shows where conducted without a ring). Bowman shed the Saiyaman gimmick in MxIxW and went back to being known as Dimesac. In early 2004 Bowman formed the heel stable “Sangre” with Cooper “Jailbird” Parrott, Hatchet, and “Phat” Pat Worthington. In MxIxW Bowman was a 2-time SX Deathmatch Champion and the longest reigning MxIxW Heavyweight Champion in the company’s existence (19 months). MxIxW folded in 2006 due to lack of suitable venues and funding, Bowman chose to work exclusively for the now more legitimate IWL at that point. Bowman continued to defend the MxIxW Heavyweight Championship in IWL until the title was unified with the IWL World Championship in July of 2007 (losing to IWL Champion Mike Gotch). In late 2006 Bowman turned on his Sangre stable mates and formed “The Entourage” with Amos da Strangla, “Kool-Breeze” David Aguilar and new manager Slice Paystacks. in 2007 Bowman formed the tag team “Cold Ca$h” with Entourage member Kool-Breeze winning the IWL tag team championship in their first match together against DC and Wicked Clown of the Dark Carnival stable. Later that night the owner of the IWL “Slic” Vic Luna and the new IWL World Champion Mike Gotch would join the Entourage starting a year long feud with the Dark Carnival. [5] [6]

The Anaheim Market Place Incident (2007)

In 2007 Bowman’s stable the Entourage had an intense yearlong feud with the Dark Carnival culminating in an 8-man war games style Steel Cage match at IWL’s biggest event of the year entitled “All Out War”. In the months preceding the event the IWL street team was formed and began aggressively promoting the event. While promoting Bowman posted a flyer for the show on a Southern California independent wrestling message board called SoCal Uncensored. The flyer was removed from the site sparking a huge debate over IWL’s legitimacy and if they were worthy of being considered an independent wrestling company or just another backyard fed. Offended by the claims Bowman went on the attack threatening members of the site with physical violence and accused them of censorship and attempting to destroy upstart Indy feds that may one day compete with the established California feds. SCU members boycotted IWL in an attempt to blackball anyone associated with the IWL from working for other companies. In the defense of the IWL, reputable indy wrestlers like Joey Ryan, The Young Bucks and Epic Pro Wrestling owner Gary Yap agreed to work the “All Out War” show. The show was a success drawing IWL’s largest crowd of the year. However during the main event cage match a tragic accident occurred bringing the show to an immediate stop. Bowman and one of his opponents Robert Martinez (Billy Body Bagz) climbed to a platform on the top of the cage and preformed a move from the top of the cage to a table positioned on the floor outside of the ring. The table was unable to break the fall of the 2 men resulting in Martinez suffering a hairline fracture of the lumbar, bruised kidneys, bruised lung and a broken rib. Bowman suffered a triple compound fracture of the left leg, winesses maintain that the seasoned veteran wrestler "cried, like a newborn baby woman" immediately following the impact, both injuries resulted in hospitalization and immediate surgery. Soon after Martinez announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The fallout of the incident gave the members of SCU all the ammunition in the world to blast the IWL and ruin their reputation. The IWL then took a 5 month hiatus to let the heat die down and returned to the Anaheim Market place in May of 2008. At the event The Entourage crashed Martinez’s retirement speech, during which Amos turned on Bowman and Kool-Breeze stealing the IWL tag Team Championship and claiming himself as the sole title holder. The attack was all an elaborate swerve orchestrated by Bowman to prevent Cold Ca$h from relinquishing the tag titles due to injury, Bowman assisted Amos in defeating DC the next month revealing himself as Amos’ new manager. [5] [7] [8]

Ultraviolent Underground – Left Coast (2007-2010)

In 2007 Bowman along with fellow IWL wrestlers Hatchet and Amos da Strangla started a California chapter of Ultraviolent Underground a deathmatch wrestling concept invented by John Zandig in Combat Zone Wrestling. UVU matches where unadvertised deathmatches and took place in front of no fans in an empty dojo. UVU-LC held 2 deathmatch tournaments known as the “Death Cup”, the first took place in 2008 where the winner (Hatchet) would get the right to wrestle Drake Younger for the UVU World championship in May of 2008 (which he did in a losing effort). The 2nd in 2009 was to crown the 1st UVU-LC Champion. Bowman made his 1st wrestling appearance since being injured in the tournament to face former partner and defending Death Cup champion Hatchet. The tournament was won by Amos da Strangla making him the 1st UVU-LC Champion. UVU-LC ceased operations in 2010 and the title was sold to Epic Pro Wrestling making it the Epic Ultraviolent Championship. [9]

Epic Pro Wrestling/Transition to Announcing (2008-Present)

In 2008 Bowman made his debut in Epic Pro Wrestling as Amos da Strangla’s manager. Due to Gary Yaps association with the IWL, Epic’s ring announcer Ben Thomas quit, leaving Epic without an announcer for their next show the “Menage a Trois tournament” in Newhall, CA. Bowman approached Yap offering to fill in as a replacement until a permanent announcer was established. After his first appearance Bowman was offered the job as Epic’s head ring announcer. Bowman then shed the name “Dimesac” and became known simply as “Ricky Styles” (a name he occasionally used as a masked announcer in the early days of MxIxW and IWL). The exposure from working for Epic gave Bowman the opportunity to announce for several other companies including Magnum Pro, West Coast Wrestling Company, Dungeon Championship Wrestling and Xtreme World Wrestling. [10]

Referee (2011-Present)

Bowman occasionally refereed matches in MxIxW and IWL under a mask when no other refs where available. Bowman’s 1st official refereeing debut was in the Epic Pro Wrestling 7-Hour Iron Man Challenge in 2011 between Jaysin Strife and Rockstar Cordova. Bowman refereed the match for 6 consecutive hours earning him the unofficial record of “longest single referee to officiate a pro wrestling match”. Bowman stated he only stopped so he could announce the remaining time and the winners. Bowman was also the senior official for XWW until quitting in 2012 due to “professional differences”. [10]

Dontaymania (2012-Present)

In 2012 Bowmans longtime friend Michael Amorelli became a producer at Kaotic Radio an Upland, CA based internet radio station. He immediately gave a pro wrestling themed talk show to friend and former MxIxW wrestler Dontay McElrath. The day before Dontay’s 4th show on Kaotic he had made a bet with Bowman on a Red Wings/Kings game where the loser would receive 20 wrestling chops. Bowman won the bet and debuted on Dontaymania to claim his 20 chops on the air. Since his debut Bowman appears on the show on a bi-weekly basis to serve as Dontay’s co-host/sidekick. [11]

Personal Life

Bowman married his girlfriend Alona Alimagno on October 25th 2008. On October 12th 2009 she gave birth to their 1st daughter Adrianna Bowman. In 2012 Bowman graduated the Psychiatric Technician program at Mt.San Antonio College, choosing to work in the forensic field of mental health. [1]

In Wrestling

Finishing Holds

Ganja Bomb (Bow & Arrow Torture Rack into a sitout Facebuster) – Innovated
Ghetto Bird (Powerslam into sprawling facebuster)
Ghettoplex (Powerslam into suplex variation)
Ghetto Driver (Torture rack into DDT)
The Bong Hit (Ace Crusher)

Signature Moves

Spinning Piledriver
The Mexican Tax Return (Leg Drop with a light tube assist)
Apron Powerbomb
Top Rope inverted senton
The 3rd Input (3 strike combo on a seated opponent in the corner: face wash, running knee and dropkick)
Fishermans Buster
Butterfly Suplex
Dragon Suplex
Half and Half Suplex

With Kool-Breeze

The Stock Exchange (Powerbomb diving top rope clothesline combo) - Finisher
“The Flat Tax” (Smaller member jumps off partners knee onto the shoulders and larger partner throws the smaller partner into a flying body press into the opponent)
Ca$h Register – (Larger partner suplexs smaller partner into a 450 splash onto opponent)

Championships and Accomplishments

2X SX Deathmatch Champion
1X MxIxW Heavyweight Champion (longest reigning)
1X IWL Tag Team Champion (W/Kool-Breeze)
2012 XWW Ultraviolent Cup Tournament Winner
Unofficial world record “Longest single referee to officiate a professional wrestling match” (6 consecutive Hours).



Sinister X – Buried Memories (2001)
Sinister X – Buried Memories 2 (2002)
Sinister-X - Brain Dead Killaz LP (2003)
Dimesac – Reality is Boring EP (2004) (unreleased)


Ghetto Kuttz Vol.2 - Grand Theft Ghetto (2002)
Ghetto Kuttz Vol.3 - Sweet N Sour (2002)
SX Records Sampler (2003)
Ghetto Kuttz Vol. 4.20 - E.D.S. (2004)
Ghetto Kuttz Vol.5 - The Revenge of the Brain Dead (2004)
Cali Streets Single w/Kool-Breeze, Mayhem Vector and Shyfty (2005)
I’m in Control single - HyvE MorAmecT w/Dimesac
Thoughts of Insanity single - Krimson Pain w/Dimesac (2006)


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