Background After medical school Richard DeAndrea studied Internal Medicine and General Surgery. He wanted to understand more than one approach to medicine in an effort to bring healing methods from around the world to his patients. He decided to learn Ayurveda[[1]], Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy, Oxygen Therapy, IV Therapy, Functional Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Kineseology, Yoga and Vipassana Meditation

Disheartened with Western medicine and the dangling carrot “cure” ideology he sought a method for healing. Along the way he experienced everything from psychic healing to psychedelic shamanism. Dr. DeAndrea will use whatever therapy he thinks will best serve the patient. He uses acupuncture[[2]], aromatherapy, nutrition, herbology, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, creative visualization, colon hydrotherapy, physical therapy, hypnotherapy, oxygen therapy, chelation and the traditional allopathic treatments to create personalized healing prescriptions for his clients. His approach is multidisciplinary and based in information, regeneration, and energy medicine. In an effort to prove that these techniques will heal the most impoverished with the greatest challenges to survive. He applied the these principles of healing, naturally, in South Central Los Angeles for 5 years in an area of the United States that is considered a hot bed for riots, gang warfare and drastic crimes. The results were miraculous! In 1997 NBC, ABC and Hard Copy reported that heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even AIDS cases were reversed in a little ghetto clinic when the “holy” cure was replaced with good old fashioned healing. “Curing is for pickles, healing is for people,” says DeAndrea. Above all DeAndrea believes healing can be fun. In 1998, he and Woody Harrelson[Harrleson] joined forces to open the first oxygen bar in America. Dr. DeAndrea is co-founder of the 21 Day Detox as featured on Lifetime Television and CBS-48 Hours in 2003. He is the author of The Fat Cure, the secrets to rapid and permanent weight loss. He was the Chief of Integrative Medicine for Medicann, Inc. the California state leader in alternative Integrative health education. He was a key figure in getting Cannabis approved as medicine for people living with AIDS that could not use traditional pain relieving medications. Dr. DeAndrea is the Medical Director for Regenetec. A company that specializes in stem cell therapy. Dr. DeAndrea always integrates his medical approach with natural cures. He lives a green life, is a surfer, loves yoga and was raised in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

Realizing the Possibilities


Currently Dr. DeAndrea is treating patients using stem cell therapy[[3]]. He is underway in a clinical trial for stem cell therapy where 10 patients will be treated for Type-2 Diabetes and 10 more will receive stem cell therapy for emphysema.


A member physician of the Global Stem Cell Network. He is training physicians around the world on how to safely perform stem cell therapy.

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