Ribella is a champion horse race born in Ireland.Raced in Turkey.

 She has great archievements.She has won the greatest races in Turkey.

His archievements:

2001 A Maiden 1st Handicap 15 1st Joe Clarke (L)2nd Piri Reis (L) 3rd 2002 Efes (L) 2nd Cantatrice(L) 1st Ayizi (L) 1st Fehmi Simsaroglu (G3)1st Filly Trial (G1) 2nd Mare Trial (G1) 1st Anafartalar (G2) 2nd 2003 Listed 4th 2004 Listed 3rd Fikret Yüzatli (G3) 4th Ethem Menderes (G3) 2nd İsmet İnonu (G1) 1st Zübeyde Hanım (G2) 1st Prime Ministry Cup (G1) 4th Fatih Sultan Mehmet (G1) 5th Topkapı Trophy (G2) 3rd G3 3rd International Anatolia Cup (G2) 1st Vehbi Koc (G3) 1st Fetih (G3) 2nd 2005 Dubai Daad al Shaba 1 Cuped Trial 1st Zubeyde Hanim (G2) 1st International Adnan Menderes Cup (G2) 3rd Prime Ministry Cup (G1) 1st Fatih Sultan Mehmet (G1) 1st Topkapı Trophy (G2) 4th TJK Cup (G1) 2nd Fevzi Çakmak (G2) 2nd International Anatolia Cup (G2) 1st 2006 IBB Cup (G3)2nd Ismet Inonu (G2)2nd Zubeyde Hanım (G2) 1st Adnan Menderes (G2) 2nd International Topkapi Trophy (G2) 1st with a massed sprint.She was 200 m back from the 1st.Last 100 m she sprinted and won on the photo. Marmara Trophy (G3)1st International Anatolia Cup (G2) 1st Atıf Esenbel (G3) 1st 2007 Ismet Inonu Cup (G2) 1st Zubeyde Hanim Cup (G2) 2nd Prime Ministry Cup (G1) 3rd Topkapı Trophy (G1)2nd Orhan Doga Ozsoy Cup(G3) 1st International Anatolia Cup (G2)1st 2008 Şadi Eliyeşil(L)1st Zubeyde Hanım Cup (G2)1st Prime Ministry Cup (G1)4th

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