Is a guitarist and drummer in a band from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, the Deep Angel. He was born in Bogor on November 15, 1997. Reza is a left-handed guitar player. Reza has been playing music since grade 2 elementary schools, as it is the first instrument Ukulele given by his father. Then, when the junior class 1, he was given his first acoustic guitar by his parents. Reza has been playing the guitar left-handed since 3rd grade elementary school. When he saw the band's guitarist Radja, the Moldy who uses his left hand while playing the guitar, since that's when he started trying to use his left hand. And his favorite drummer is Mike Portnoy and James owen 'The Rev' Sullivan

Beginning play drums

Reza had started playing drums when he was invited by his school friends to the studio near the school play. When was the first song he used to play the drums is from Avenged Sevenfold Dear God. And since that's when he became interested in the drums. He played his first double pedal at the age of 14 years. So that from that moment he began to decide to make the genre Metal band with his friends, the Deep Angel.

In the band

In the band, Reza active making songs, ranging from Metal to Country genre he has created. And the first song he created is I Pray To You who are on the album Scary Ghost. And the first hardcore song that he made ​​was Scary Ghost. And the song is also the name of the first album Deep Angel. Reza also often include game guitar melodies in several songs on the band. And she also often sang in several songs on the band to sound hard..

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