Reverse immigration is a reduction in the population of a country by a rapid return of immigrants to the country of their origin.

Reverse immigration in the United States began in 2007.[citation needed]


A steady stream of illegal immigrants occurred between Latin America and the United States beginning in about 1970.[citation needed]

Contributing factors include the economic history of Mexico, which created long-term unemployment issues from 1970 through 2007.[citation needed] Refugees fled across the border to the US seeking better employment opportunities during each economic crisis in Latin America.[citation needed]

The illegal immigrant population began to decline in the US in 2007 as the economy of Latin America began to improve.[citation needed]


The primary factors for reverse immigration are:[citation needed]

  • Foreign Economic Improvement
  • Culture Conflict
  • Illegal Immigration Enforcement

Reverse immigration includes the following foreign factors to attract immigrants to return from the US to their birth country.[1][dead link]

  • Financial assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Improved career opportunities
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved purchasing power
  • Compatible cultural factors.

Foreign economic improvement

The number of illegal immigrants in the US declined by 1.5 million since 2007, or about 12% of the total illegal immigrant workforce.[2][3][clarification needed -- what is the significance of this?]

Culture conflict

Cultural conflict involves a diverse range of factors, some of which are as follows:[citation needed]

  • Language
  • Race
  • Religion


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