Retta Rizzo is an American singer/songwriter/recording artist

Personal life

Loretta Ann Kite, better known as the American singer, songwriter and musician Retta Rizzo (July 5, 1969) born in Burbank, California to Larry Kite and Lynda Norman. Retta started preparing for her career in the entertainment industry at a very young age and has been involved in the industry her entire life, in one capacity or another.

Retta was raised in Newhall, California where she attended Placerita Jr. High and Saugus High School.[1] Retta attended Saugus with actors Paul Schrier and C. Thomas Howell

During her high school career, Retta took drama and chorus classes all four years. Besides performing the lead role in "The Waltons; Homecoming," Retta also competed in her class high school talent competition and was asked back as an alumni performer the following year (1988)

In 1989, Retta was offered a recording contract by a big name record label but turned it down due to the fact that she wanted more creative control than the contract would allow. She preformed in local clubs and had songs translated into different languages by tribes in Papua New Guinea and by missionaries in Russia.

In January 1991 Retta met Patrick Rizzo at a party.[2] Patrick (cousin of Torey Lovullo and nephew of Sam Lovullo, producer of Hee Haw) immediately took on the role as her manager and in June of that year the two wed. As of the time this article was printed, the two have been together for 21 years and have 22 children (including biological, foster, adopted and "Glory Babies"). In 1992 Retta Rizzo and her husband started a Christian record label, Disciple Records and she recorded under the label. The label was eventually renamed due to conflict with another label under the same name.

As of 2012, Retta Rizzo records under the Pare Records label and has not only had a successful career launch with them but also a tour kick-off that begins at the end of 2012. "Move On" , "Haunting Me" and "Just Me" are all singles released from the upcoming "Just Me" CD. ""Move On" has received air play, aired on international TV shows, and has been chosen as a theme song for a documentary.


Retta has been performing in the entertainment industry in one capacity or another, starting early in life. She started out as an actress and was blessed to land rolls with Lucille Ball, Lorne Green and Mac Davis. She credits Chris Lemmon (the son of the late, great Jack Lemmon) with her love for the industry stating "I remember when he was a student at California Institute of Arts and he'd come to my family's restaurant with a group of fellow students. There was a piano in the main dining room and he'd always play "Sentimental Journey" and sing to me. I just thought he was the end all, be all." [3]

Retta Rizzo entered the music charts as a Contemporary Christian/Country artist and released the single, "Grandma's Bag Of Tricks" (which quickly climbed the Indie charts to the #1 spot and hung on for 6 straight weeks). The song was written, by Retta as a tribute to her grandmother, acknowledging some of the crazy things she kept in her purse.

After being absent from the music scene for a few years, she emerges redefined. Dawning her signature purple hair and tattoos, Retta has stepped in to new genres. Hoping to gain the same level on the charts with such greats as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Plumb, she has found her way back home to the alternative rock and adult contemporary genres.

"Move On" is Retta's debut single as an alternative rock artist, from her upcoming CD "Just Me." The song is about her son Samuel, who was born still in her third trimester. "This CD is filled with raw emotion and taboo topics. I've decided that I want to be the artist that talks about the "elephant in the room" because there are too many songs about partying, cheating and junk.[4] I want nothing more than for my songs to bring people to a place of knowing that someone's walked either the same or a very similar road. Every song I write is about personal experience and I hope each one touches someone, somewhere."



  • My Talking Bracelet


  • My Talking Bracelet
  • Do I Resemble My Daddy
  • His Whispers
  • Grandma’s Bag Of Tricks
  • Move On
  • Just Me
  • Haunting Me
  • Days That I Remember
  • I Almost Walked Away


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