The Resident Evil series is a very well thought out series. The first movie main charcter Alice has lost her memory with some important things going in the Umbrella Incorperation. She then joins some agents on a ride down to the Hive the main underground building of the Umbrellla Incorperation. Where they find some science experiments gone wrong. The experimental virus called the "T-Virus" which get spilled and then the aroma which is also contagus goes into the air ducts and spreads the virus through-out the building. Contaminateing everyone inside. Of course they have no idea and commence on their mission anyway. The "T-Virus" contaminates people so they are zombie like creatures. Once they are contaminated they can't be cures. Luckely they used their wits and made it out of the Hive alive. Even though about 6 went in, only 1 came out because at the end Alice's boyfriend gets contaminated from a scientific monster experiment and turns into one. Alice didn't even know. She then goes to upperground and is forced to survive with the few people that didn't get contaminated when the "T-Virus" contaminated a large population of Racoon City in the next movie: "Resident Evil-Apocalypse.

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