Requiem For Delinquency is an original electronic dance music project from the Classically trained Musician and Composer, Scottish-American born, Faron Chance Morrison (February 16, 1967). Requiem For Delinquency was subsequently created in 2009 with release of a ground breaking debut CD and album entitled, "Hobs End".

Hobs End

Morrison produced, engineered, mixed, composed and orchestrated "Hobs End". Album artwork by Bose Collins of London. "Hobs End"' was deemed an instant success by many reviewers in the industry. Released on Morrison's own Indie label, Murdock Syndicate.


Raven Kai, of ÜberSciFiGeek, discusses the uniqueness of 'Hobs End'; "...sound bites from films and television shows call to mind images and ideas and then explore them. For example, in the track “The Work of Science” a sound bite from the classic science fiction film "The Brain That Wouldn’t Die" declares, 'My eyes are deceiving me' and 'What you see is real. What’s done is done and what I’ve done is right. It’s the work of science.' Then Morrison sings the refrain, 'Will we remember what was real?' Overall, the album is layered with rich sounds from a variety of instruments, both traditional and electronic. While his selection of instruments may be contemporary, the arrangement and use of them is similar to a classical composition and takes you on a journey of the mind."

Jimmy Rae, of Skope Magazine describes the debut album as, "... a layer of sounds that are creatively-driven, humble, sensual, passionate, well-textured, matured, emotive, incredibly serene and equally full of spiritual energy. All of this by one artist on one CD for one purpose: to make feel-good music for people to enjoy." Rae goes on to say this about Requiem For Delinquency's debut project, "Music with no limits and no limitations should be Requiem For Delinquency's motto, based off the new album."

Skope Magazine Interview

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