The report of the commision of malta began when the cavalieri came to malta. The cavalieri did not know anything about malta. according to the report of malta only one city existed in malta IMDINA.The report also said "this city was found on a huge hill surrownded by huge walls called SWAR. apart from IMDINA there was a small old castle. In the city IMDINA there was about 40 small houses. The artilery in IMDINA was very poor, they had about one canon and a few other weopons. malta had only two ports where huge ships can go out for war or supplies. both ports had alot of places to enter the ports. between these two ports there had to be some defence so they built a small fort. at that time maltese people used to talk in gharabeic language. the forts used to keep eyes for muslam pirates that used to come to malta steal precious things and take many maltese people with them es slaves. Gozo had one small fort on a high hill."

The report ended saying that no one was ready to give something better to tho order.


There is alot to say about the commision of malta. Alot of the history of the commision of malta talks about the city of imdina, which talks about the houses, forts, the wells where people used to drink from, the supplies they used to get from sicily by ships. In malta you'll find many books on the commision of malta.

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