Remix Life is an Animated Sitcom, which was made on the 15th May 2011. It features a family of four; Oliver, Susan, James and their pet parrot Lion, in which shows their dilemas they go through in their daily lives.

Matthew Nicoll, the creator of Remix Life, thoguh of the idea after watching several episodes of Family Guy. He also teamed up with his brother, Callum Nicoll, to help Matthew voice the characters in the show. Matthew teamed up with Blogger too, to host the videos of his show. Matthew voices most of the character whereas Callum does a few.

Remix Life: The GameItalic text

After lots of views on his website, Matthew decided to make a game thanks to Scratch, a programme that lets you make a video game for free. This game features all the 4 main characters, as Susan chucks James and Lion, when Oliver has to catch them.

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