Early years

Remil Nath is a jaffa native of KANNUR in Kerala, grew up in Dubai. He studied at the Gulf Indian High School there and was learning Indian Carnatic music ever since his childhood days. Later his interest switched mainly to the keyboard. While a graduate student in NIFT New Delhi, he was the mastermind behind the college rock band which went on to win the prestigious intercollege competition 'Talent Time - Woodstock' award every year. He focused a lot on programing music and started working with reputed musicians like Sidharth, Parikrama, Aman Masta, He started his career in Malayalam album with ‘I AM SO MEAN’ (of 36frames fame).[1]

He says in an interview that he had almost given up on his musical career, soon after completing his graduation from NIFT, New Delhi, “as nothing exciting was happening in my career.” But, as fate would have it, every time he tried to sell off his drums, it always came back to him, “as any guy who bought it from me with a mere small advance could never pile up the money that they had promised me for that drum set and ended up giving it back to me. And soon after the third time it happened, the White Light Studio- honey sing duo called me to join their group for their shows in the city. They wanted me to render some music to fill the time in-between programs. As I got a chance to explore my music, my intention was to get some job in the city like marketing, sales or anything other than music. During that time Mr.Sidarth heard my composition and told me that 'I have good talent in music and I must take music as my career' Eventually, it was those words gave me courage to take music as my career. "After that I came back to Dubai i shifted base from New Delhi to Cochin , that was in 2010. After few years I met sidarth and he asked me to compose music for a song 'Challa' sang by mandy local artist, my first song" recalls Remil.

He’s married to his love Sonica, who was his best friend and the couple now live in dubai with their family.


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