Rel8shun is a 2012 Play written by Amanda Liz Cutting and Jason Isaac Kooy. It was co-produced by Scorpio Theater and made its World Premier June 19-23, 2012 at the Joyce Doolittle Theatre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Tyson : Mid thirties Gay Catholic man. Still believes in God but has grown disillusioned with the Catholic church. Chrissie : Tyson's much younger sister who is a stark, fundamental Catholic and tries desperately to change her brother's ways. Jeff : Moves in with Tyson when his wife kicks him out of the house. Li : Lives in same apartment complex as Tyson and Jeff. Starts a new relationship with Jeff. Clair : Jeff's ex-wife.

Plot :

Act 1

The play is set mostly in Tyson's apartment, the elevator and the roof of the building.

Jeff is trying to find a new roomate when he meets Tyson. They hit it off and Tyson decides to let Jeff move in with him. Unknown at the time is Tyson's sexual orientation. During the move in Jeff and Li meet for the first time in the elevator. Meanwhile, Tyson and Chrissie are engaged in an argument about Tyson's sexual orientation. Jeff interrupts their conversation and Chrissie leaves in a "huff".

Tyson and Jeff discuss the living arrangements and the new "rules document".

Jeff and Li have several more encounters in the elevator before Jeff finally invites her over to view the new apartment. Meanwhile, Jeff finds out Tyson is gay and explores many facets of what it is to be gay, including what it is like to kiss a guy - and gets fashion advice and help.

Chrissie tries again to reach her brother but is dismissed quickly by a panicked Tyson. Li comes over and she and Jeff discuss Jeff's past on the roof. They almost kiss, but decide this is a "rebound" relationship and decide to wait.

Act 2

The second act starts with Tyson trying to reconcile differences with Christie, but it again ends poorly. He brings up Chrissies possible sexual orientation and this infuriates her and she leaves angrily.

Li comes over for another date and she and Jeff experiment with smoking pot. They again almost kiss but again hold off. A few days later, Jeff and Tyson are on the roof when Jeff receives a very disturbing phone call.

The rest of the play deals with the fallout of Tyson and Chrissie, Jeff's phone call from Clair and the future of Jeff and Li's relationship.

Original Cast

Jeff : Duane Jones Tyson : Tanner d'Estere Chrissie : Taylor Thompson LI : Sydney John Clair : Amanda Liz Cutting

Original Crew

Producer : Jason Kooy Director : Amanda Liz Cutting Assistant Director : Eric Pettifor Lighting Design : Michelle McAulay Sound Design : Eric Pettifor Stage Manager : Cameron Lugg Video Production, Printing, Design : Ian Pond.

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